Proud parents of a bee population!

We from Asha International have become proud parents of a small bee population. Via BeeSerious Foundation, Asha International has adopted a bee population to bring the bee population back up to normal. The goal is to place at least 80 adult production areas, to help 400 starting nations to grow in the world and to […]

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Launch of new consumer website

Launch of new consumer website We proudly present you the new Beppy website. is more dynamic, clearer and more user-friendly. The website is fully responsive and available in several languages inclusing Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish. Furthermore, keeps referring to our distributors in russia, Sweden, Poland, Switzerland, Czech Replubic, Austria and […]

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What is the difference?

Gynecologists developed the first Beppy’s. In the 90s. For women who wanted to be free during their period. Making love, ga to a Spa, swimming and sports. Hygienic and safe. What are the differences between Beppy tampons? There are two versions of the Beppy Tampon. The WET and DRY version. The similarity of these two versions are: […]

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