Trade fair eroFame 2021 will be moved to spring 2022


EroFame is a trade show for the erotic market. EroFame is a leading B2B event for the erotic industry worldwide. During their last edition, there were more than 200 national and international exhibitors. The international trade convention focuses on products and services from the erotic market and lifestyle segment, including adult toys and erotic accessories, as well as lingerie and other products that have very little to do with the hardcore industry. The first even took place in Berlin in 2010.

On October 9, eroFame 2019 opened its doors to the international erotica trade for the tenth time. For three days, industry b2b contacts were made and refreshed and business was conducted with international manufacturers and exhibitors from the erotic industry at the Hanover trade fair grounds.

We were going to participate eroFame 2021 in Hanover, Germany. Only it is becoming difficult for visitors outside Europe to visit the fair therefore the organization has chosen to postpone the fair until spring 2022.

We regret this decision but it is understandable. In the spring we hope that the acceptable number of visitors and exhibitors will be able to participate in the fair.

Unfortunately, the pandemic is still preventing us from doing so. EroFame also does not know if there will be a digital version online. This is because they feel that this trade show is best served by personal, human exchanges of our brance and this is what eroFame would like to keep in the future.

EroFame is planning for next year and they will inform us soon. We hope for an early turnaround in this unfortunate global situation. Postponed is better than cancelled.

At eroFame 2022, you can connect and refresh and also do business with international producers and exhibitors from the erotic industry. This event provides a platform for all attendees to present successful new products, concepts, ideas and services from different market segments.

Hope to see you next year!

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