Cora starts an Executive MBA at MSM!


Asha International values and supports, personal development of her employees! We stimulate our employees to continuously improve and develop themselves via courses, workshops, practical training, etc.

One of our employees, Cora Tromp-Man, won in May 2021 the Marina van Damme Grant of €9000,- with her personal development plan to continue with an MBA.

“I want to learn more about business-related issues to complement my Masters in Engineering and to improve my leadership skills.” 

This scholarship was the first of three scholarships she received. In addition, she received the European Fund Scholarship and the Women’s Ambassadorship Scholarship of Maastricht School of Management (MSM) in October 2021.

Maastricht School of Management has more than 68 years of experience in management education. Based on CEO Magazine Global MBA ranking 2021, MSM’s Executive MBA ranks 5th place worldwide. In the Netherlands, they have the best Executive MBA program (CEO Magazine, 2021).

Last week Cora started her Executive MBA experience at MSM. The first module about Cultural Diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility gave her much inspiration for Asha International. In the coming two years, she will continue to learn more about these business-related issues.

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