What is the difference?

Gynecologists developed the first Beppy’s. In the 90s. For women who wanted to be free during their period. Making love, ga to a Spa, swimming and sports. Hygienic and safe.

What are the differences between Beppy tampons?

There are two versions of the Beppy Tampon. The WET and DRY version.

The similarity of these two versions are:

  • Both versions have a soft structure and adapt to your body shape.
  • A sponge that you wear up to 8 hours during your period.
  • The tampons are used for the same purposes, such as sports, sauna, sex and more….


The difference between the two versions:

  • WET version is provide with lactagel (Easy In).
  • WET version has a handy loop for grip (Easy Out).
  • DRY version is anatomical shaped.
  • DRY version is for the experienced user.

Compare standard tampons and pads with the Beppy tampons

The Beppy Tampon is string-free and isn’t a regular tampon, like O.B. tampons. The big advantage of the Beppy is the freedom that you get during your period. It is the best alternative of the regular sanitary pads/tampons. See below the advantages and disadvantages:


Beppy tampon Regular tampon Pads
Swimming Yes Irritating No
Sports Yes Irritating Irritating
Sauna Yes Irritating No
Sex Yes No No
Vacation Yes Yes Irritating
Dating/Go out Yes Yes Irritating
Comfort Yes Irritating Irritating
Sleeping Yes (max. 8 hours) No Irritating
Antiallergenic Yes No No
1 size fits all Yes No No

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