Asha International has been founded so that as many people as possible can profit from special and high-quality products. Asha International manufactures and sells a select range of personal care, hygiene articles and para-medical devices. Advice, quality, immediate delivery and service have been determining the relationship with our customers for over 20 years.

Some well known products from Asha International: Beppy Soft+Comfort Tampons, Body in Balance Massageoil, Day & Night Condoms and Beppy Condoms. Asha International is also distrubutor for global brands such as Durex (preferred supplier) and Reckitt Benckiser. Our company and our products compy with very strict international rules and

requirements and you as a customer can be sure to buy a top quality product. Asha International complies to relevant ISO-, EDANA Standards and Vegan lifestyle. All condoms are CE certified.



Viral on TikTok

We have been working on TikTok for some time now. We make funny videos that provide fun content. Our most viewed video has been viewed a whopping 2.6 million times! We also have a whopping 670 thousand likes! But what...


New Lady to Go bag

With the Lady to Go bag, also called 'sex' party bag, you can easily take hygiene products, toiletries or lubricants to a party for example. You can also store various sex toys in it! Don't be ashamed of your sexual...


Trade fair eroFame 2021 will be moved to spring 2022

EroFame is a trade show for the erotic market. EroFame is a leading B2B event for the erotic industry worldwide. During their last edition, there were more than 200 national and international exhibitors. The international trade convention focuses on products...

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