Asha International

50 years of experience makes Asha a trusted wholesaler and producer within the personal hygiene and sexual wellness industry.
Asha offers an extensive assortment of high quality personal care products, hygienic items and paramedical appliances.

Our B2B clients are, amongst others, web- and physical stores, distributors, marketplaces and retailers originating from various countries.
For a variety of goals and target audiences we are THE one-stop-shop

Stock Availability Assured

Besides a wholesaler, Asha has advanced as a manufacturer of a well known, self-produced brand collection.
With a very own production facility with diverse applications
Asha can guarantee custom made orders, top quality and fast delivery.
Our line up includes Beppy Soft+Comfort Tampons, Body in Balance Massage oil, Day & Night Condoms and Beppy Condoms.
Asha International is also distributor for global brands such as Durex (preferred supplier) and Reckitt Benckiser.

Guaranteed Quality

Our company and our products comply with very strict international rules and requirements and you as a customer can be sure to buy a top quality product. Asha International complies to relevant ISO- and EDANA Standards. All condoms are CE certified.


Au salon des influenceurs

Influencer fair

This coming week we will be at the influencer fair in Switzerland! Influencers, editors and stylists will gather for an exclusive event in Switzerland on October 26, 2021, where you can discover all the highlights in fashion, beauty, food &...


Cora starts an Executive MBA at MSM!

Asha International values and supports, personal development of her employees! We stimulate our employees to continuously improve and develop themselves via courses, workshops, practical training, etc. One of our employees, Cora Tromp-Man, won in May 2021 the Marina van Damme...


Viral on TikTok

We have been working on TikTok for some time now. We make funny videos that provide fun content. Our most viewed video has been viewed a whopping 2.6 million times! We also have a whopping 670 thousand likes! But what...

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