ASHA International winner learning company of 2018!

The best SME learning company of the year is announced every year. This year the three nominees were;

* Bridge, specializing in the unburdening of entrepreneurs and companies in the area of ​​business security and business continuity (risk management, insurance and pensions),

* Carwash Blijdorp, where you can go for a total cleaning of your car through a fully automated car wash or in one of the washing boxes

* Asha International, producer and wholesaler of various pharmaceutical and care products.


Winner: Asha International

As winner of the year 2018, the jury chose Asha International. This family business is characterized by a very flexible, social and friendly atmosphere. The company feels like a warm bath with young, inspiring and driven people at the helm. Where trainees are challenged and motivated to develop more broadly.Because of the international character of the company, English is the official language. Students, especially those from English-language study programs, benefit from this. Asha International operates in both the B2B market and in the B2C market. This diversity makes traineeships interesting and instructive for students and gives them an all-round view of editing different markets. Based on their social involvement they offer Rotterdam citizens with a disability the space to participate in the company and appreciate their talents. According to the jury, the enthusiasm of employees and management is noticeable, hence the rightful winner of the best SME learning company 2018.


ASHA International winnaar Beste MKB LeerWerkbedrijf 2018!

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